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The Hollywood ReporterCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingThe Hollywood Reporter is a weekly entertainment magazine. Originally focusing solely on the Hollywood film industry at its founding in 1930, The Hollywood Reporter has expanded to cover the entertainment industry as a whole. However, the magazine still devotes a lot of attention to box office hits featuring reviews, actor and director interviews, and red carpet and Oscar news. There are columns devoted to these top hits as well as the indie film industry. The Hollywood Reporter also covers television news including reviews, ratings, and information on the Emmys and Globes. There are also insights into the world of music, with articles on upcoming music festivals, concert reviews, music idol gossip, and news on the Grammys. Tech articles cover the latest in movie making and home viewing equipment, and feature news on tech conventions such as E3. The Hollywood Reporter carries many articles regarding the business of the film industry as well, with topics such as the politics of the movie industry, media and entertainment law, and the way that the business of film making is handled internationally. Finally, there are features on fashion shows and red carpet wear, as well as profiles on the style of individual celebrities.

With 48 issues a year, The Hollywood Reporter is a good way to have constant access to the entertainment world.

The Hollywood Reporter has gone digital with a subscription platform where readers can access the large-set magazine at 146.63 Sterling Pounds for all the forty-five recent editions. Read it via iPad magazine subscription, PC subscription, Mac subscription, Android and iPhone subscription.

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