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The Paris Review Digital EditionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingSince the height of Post-Modernism, with the leading voice of the style being Samuel Beckett, the Paris Review (est. 1953) has been arguably the most penetrating journal in world literature. Not only has it published outstanding stories from great authors of their day, but continues to nurture new literary buddies of immense interest in the 21st century. While Writers at Work, probably the best portraiture column for any writer’s workshop available today, is the best place to meet the greatest minds in our society. There are also interviews in cultural and artistic segments that are as outstanding. Now that Paris Review has a spectacular online platform, it is possible to revisit some of the historical one-on-one’s at author’s studios including those featuring Virginia Woolf, Lolita’s author Nabokov and the tight-prose progenitor of early 20th century, Ernest Hemingway. The current editor, Lorin Stein, has maintained a competitive portfolio of making the magazine one of a kind just as its founding author who died at the jubilee of the journal had strived to do.

The Paris Review has gone digital. It is now possible to enlist to a discounted subscription of all the four editions per year at $30 while getting a 25% reprieve off the newsstand asking value. Read The Paris Review on Android magazine subscription, Mac subscription, PC subscription, iPhone and iPad.

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