The Threepenny Review iPad Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

The Threepenny Review Digital EditionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingArguably the most non-pretentious magazine in the world, Threepenny Review is a 1980 classic that has never diminished in value despite being literally non-funded by any institution of higher learning. It covers artistic issues ranging from humanities, like memoirs, to literature including short fiction, poetry and essays. Among its most shining contributions to the world of the literary journal is the fact that it has among its staff several Nobel laureates and prize-winning authors.  Among these are Wendell Berry and Javier Marias. The publication dates for the journal are calendar marks for the elite circulation base of around ten thousand, being early spring, midsummer, fall and late winter. As the name suggests, the magazine maintains a vintage character, the most representative of these being the black-and-white images that it includes in its cover page. Threepenny magazine is available online with all its three decades of continuous issues that can be illuminating the way for the poet-to-be or budding prose writer.

Threepenny magazine has gone digital with a discounted subscription platform. Get four issues, representing the entire year, at a minimum price while saving 29 percent off the standard price. Read the The Threepenny Review on the iPad magazine subscription, Android subscription, PC, Mac and iPhone subscription.

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