The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running 3 Digital Magazine for iPad

The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running 3 ipad magazine digitalFrom start to finish line, a digital magazine subscription to The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running 3 will be on your side. Download thisCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar magbook right onto your PC, Android, iPad or Mac and you’ll never have to leave home without this well loved marathon bible again. First time marathoners will get as much out of this guide as experts do. The advice and hints are geared towards one goal—to get you across that finish line! This digital magbook contains over 160 pages of training routines, scheduling tips, advice for fueling your body, how to avoid injuries and what professionals to see if something does go wrong. From warming up and stretching to pacing and trial runs, The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running 3 has got you covered!Whether you are attempting a 5k or a full day marathon, with this magbook’s help you’ll know that you’re always putting your best foot forward on race day. With achievable targets, expert advice, nutrition and energy information and much more, the finish line is closer than ever before!

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