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the weather ipad digital magazine subscriptionThe Weather iPad and Digital Magazine Subscription – Download your digital magazine subscription of The Weather to your iPad, Mac, PC orCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar Android today and delve into this complete guide to everything weather today. This bookazine will feed your curiosity and bring you the most interesting aspects of extreme weather from the 2010/2011 season. You’ll read stories written first hand by people who were caught in extreme weather, but survived! You’ll learn a bit about weather patterns and some of the causes of weather disasters as well as taking a look inside clouds and thunderstorms.Hurricanes, flash floods, tornadoes, ice storms, lightening and typhoons; they are all covered in The Weather. They also touch on some of the most strange weather phenomena of the past year like the fish and frogs that rained from the sky. Start exploring the world of weather and climate today.

Heart stopping photography, first person accounts of disaster, and informative articles on everything from clouds to growing Szechuan peppers in Devon; it’s all here in the year’s best digital guide that brings you all aspects of the weather right into your living room (minus the mess!).

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