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the week ipad android digital magazine subscriptionThe Week iPad digital magazine subscription & Android magazine. Too busy to sift through hundreds of news reports in order to keep up toCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar date with what’s happening in the world? Let The Week do it for you! As the title implies, The Week keeps readers apprised of what’s going on around the world each week. Their tagline sums it up: “The Best of the British and Foreign Media.” This non-partisan publication reports on current news touching on the highlights of each week that you may have missed. Topics include world news, music, books, art, politics and entertainment. Written to inform and entertain, this magazine is geared towards the media-junkie in all of us. Including sections such as “best of” articles and editorial cartoons from around the world, The Week will keep you up to date and able to converse knowledgeably about the top current events each week. If you like reading about everything from gossip to recipes, book reviews to foreign policy, The Week is for you. Its contents flow freely from news and current controversies into the world and its people at a glance, ending with reviews and recommendations.

The Week is available as a digital magazine subscription. Digital subscriptions are available in the following formats: PC, mac, iPad digital magazine subscription and Android digital magazine subscription. Payment is per issue, though you can set up your subscription for continuous billing.

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