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Thrasher Magazine Skateboard Digital MagazineSkateboarding has always been one of the youth’s favorite sports and recreational activity. Aside from the most obvious reason of being fun, it isCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar also a great way to develop new friendships and to bond with your group. But what makes skateboarding very special is that it is not just standing on top of a moving roller skate, it allows to you to develop special skills in terms of balancing and movement as there are different challenges you have to master. From the simplest roller skate actions of flip, spin and land to the difficult ones like the Triple 360 Flip to The 900 performed by Tony Hawk in 1999, skateboarding proves it is not just another child’s play. If you are a skateboard fan, have been skateboarding for a long time, would like to learn tricks to do on skateboard, would like to get updated on what is happening in the world of skateboard, or if you are a parent who would like to catch up onn your son’s incredible knowledge of skateboarding and its who’s who, then Thrasher Skateboard Magazine is the one source of information you can turn to.

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine has been grilling out news about the skateboard world for almost 30 years now. It features the most popular skateboard stars, with in depth interview on how they got into the sport, what they have learned, things they can share, how they have mastered their craft and so on. It provides interesting reads on the best parks and skateboarding places. It features the latest trends on skateboarding, and best of all, it showcases photos of regular skateboarders and their tricks, which makes it a great touch for the magazine as it really makes an effort to connect with their readers. This magazine is now available for digital subscription to your iPad, Android, iOS, AIR, WEB OS and RIM devices. This makes Thrasher magazine so accessible and more in sync with today’s youth, so check out Thrasher Skateboard Magazine for iPad, and learn the latest moves you can do on your skates.

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