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transword wakeboarding magazine digital subscriptionTransworld Wakeboarding is guaranteed to capture the attitude and excitement of the increasingly popular water sport of wakeboarding.Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar You’ll read interviews with expert riders, get step by step instructions for riding as well as tons of adrenaline inspiring photographs. Transworld Wakeboarding has become the leading magazine for this sport. Keep up to date with the wake boarding scene in locations around the world, from Florida to Japan, Seattle to the South Pacific.

Inside each issue of Transworld Wakeboarding you’ll find entertaining and educational articles like “9 Keys to Ideal Rope Length,” “3 Simple Secrets to Better Style,” “Multiply Your Moves: How to get tuned in toeside,” “Best Wake Boat Ever” and “Progress Faster: Get the most from your wake camp.” Every issue will have you pulling off new moves, grabs, inverts, spins and riding like a pro. And don’t forget their up close and personal interviews with popular riders who are currently defining the sport, tournament updates, travel features and the latest, must-have gear.

Start your digital magazine subscription to Transworld Wakeboarding today and save 67% off the newsstand cost. This digital subscription delivers 9 issues, all of which you can read on your PC, Android, Mac and iPad.

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