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trucking magazine ipad digital magazine subscriptionTrucking iPad Magazine and Digital Magazine Subscription – For all your truck driving needs, from logging to cross country to racing, turn toCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar Trucking magazine, the UK’s best road transport publication on the market. With a digital magazine subscription you’ll receive 13 monthly issues that are full of trucking tips, unique stories, road tests, event calendars, driving how to articles, looks back over famous trucks in history, contests, show guides and so much more. As a subscriber you’ll also gain access to free legal advice, prize winning contests and reader submitted letters. Every month you’ll get up to date info on everything from staying in control by learning the essentials of rollover and skid avoidance to driving smarter with secret fuel saving tips. In fact, most of the writers are professional truck drivers, so rest assured that you can trust the info you glean from Trucking magazine. Read exciting and informative articles like “Truckers that Take on Thai Floods,” “The Last Big Brit: Ale’s Unipower is a National Treasure,” “BHC’s Race Against Time,” “Modest Man: Is the TGX the ideal truck?” and “Trucks that Changed the World.” It’s time to hit the road with a digital magazine subscription to Trucking magazine.

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