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windsurfing magazine for ipadWindsurfing magazine is dedicated to avid board sailors of all skill levels. With its easy to follow lessons from the best instructors in the nation,Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar extensive gear reviews, insider tips, and resort/destination recommendations, you’ll never look at windsurfing the same way again!

This is the one magazine that budding windsurfers need for a complete intro into this exciting sport, including the latest in boards, equipment, and technique. The sequenced photographs and detailed text will help beginners and intermediate windsurfers learn important techniques and how to correct their weaknesses. You’ll also learn skills such as up-hauling, self-rescue, correct stance, non-planning tack and jibe, steering and more!

Inside each issue of Windsurfing you’ll read articles such as “5 Ways to Freeride Faster,” “St. Martin: The windsurfing trip your wife wants to go on,” “Be a Board Tester: How you can join in the fun,” “The Worst Windsurfer Ever,” “Scary Huge Massive Waves,” “29 Test Boards That Totally Rip,” “Battling Cancer with Wind” and “Is SUP Hurting Sailing?”

Start your digital magazine subscription to Windsurfing magazine today and get 25% off the newsstand cost. This digital subscription consists of 5 issues that are viewable on your PC, Android, iPad and Mac.

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