Woodworker’s Journal iPad Magazine Subscription & Digital Edition

Woodworkers Journal ipad magazine subscriptionWoodworkers of the world can now unite under the welcoming umbrella of the Woodworker’s Journal. There aren’t many publications out thereCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar dedicated solely to the art of working with wood, particularly ones that can be accessed digitally. But that’s no longer the case! Woodworker’s Journal is available as a digital magazine subscription that can be sent directly to your laptop, Android device, smartphone or desktop. Now you can discover new woodworking projects, get the best tool reviews and learn expert tips and techniques 6 times per year with your subscription.

Build an heirloom dresser for your granddaughter that can be passed down for generations to come; perfect dovetails; make your own shutters for your home; even win free tools inside each issue of Woodworker’s Journal. Find out why the Li-ion powered tools are smaller, faster and better; discuss the top 10 table saw accessories and find out if you’re at risk for a table saw injury; find out which of your finishes are poisonous and what you can do to reduce exposure. Don’t miss out on a single issue of Woodworker’s Journal. Start your digital magazine subscription today and start working that wood to its full potential!


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