World Literature Today iPad Magazine for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

World Literature Today  Digital EditionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingWith the distinctive logo on the top left reading ‘WLT’, World Literature Today, which was spawned in 1977 by its predecessor, Books Abroad (1927), can wholeheartedly claim the crown of the most representative literary journal on the planet now. It is the voice for the renaissance of post-modern literature which has even picked up the pieces of soviet literature since the dissolution of the USSR, once the cradle of huge sweeping swathes of fiction (January 2012 issue). It is also the place to find a collection of poems, essays, works’ reviews and short fiction from authors who usually write passionately as if their very lifelines would ebb if they did not. So dedicated is this magazine that it eschews the jargon and presents prose in vivid layman’s language. It is the final word for exploring books from prominent giants of literature in the modern era.

The twice-a-month WLT has gone digital. It is now available upon subscription for a discounted value of 50% off the newsstand cost. Read World Literature Today on various platforms and web media, via an iPad subscription, Android magazine subscription, iPhone, Mac and PC.

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