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yoga journal ipad magazine digital subscriptionYoga Journal iPad and Digital – Yoga experts and yoga beginners alike are going to fall in love with this fun, optimistic, inspiring and educationalCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar digital magazine subscription to Yoga Journal. All 9 digital issues are compatible with your Mac, Android, iPad and PC. Not only that, but you’ll save 64% by purchasing digital over print! Take charge of your physical, spiritual and emotional health. Learn new yoga positions and balance your mental well being every time you read Yoga Journal. Find out what karma is and what you can do about yours; discover yoga moves that are actually healthy for your knees, feet and shoulders; even learn how to bring your body into balance just by learning the right way to twist it.

Yoga Journal isn’t just for women either. The ratio of men to women in yoga classes is evening out, and this digital magazine honors its male readers in each issue by having special articles on subjects such as how to tailor feminine yoga moves to the masculine body.

It’s time to regain harmony in your body and your life. Yoga Journal is ready and willing to take you there. Keep an open mind and enjoy your spiritual journey!

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