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Yummy Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarYummy is the modern Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingfood magazine committed to inspiring readers to season their home-cooked meals to create surprisingly yummy fares with a dash of creativity despite time and budget limitations.

Each issue dishes out over 50 quick and easy recipes that require ingredients that are conveniently available in the supermarkets. The remaining pages are substantially stuffed with product updates, supermarket news, valuable expert advice and other fascinating features on dining, food shopping, chefs and gourmets, travel and the foods associated with particular travel destinations. These are all rounded of with toothsome photography.

The latest issue of the food magazine ushers you around the world as it turns the spotlight on a smorgasbord of food fares across the globe, including the famous Korean Bibimbap, Japanese Chicken Udon Soup, Italian Gnocchi with Beef and Mushrooms in Truffle Cream Sauce, the famed Cajun Jambalaya, Mexican Burrito Bowls, French Grilled Snapper Nicoise, Moroccan Squash and Chicken Soup, Thai Beef Salad, and more. May we just remind you that we are still at the magazine’s Table of Contents and we are already salivating as if we are already seated at the dinner table.

Published six times a year, Yummy is also digitally available and can be downloaded using various platforms including iPad, Mac, Android and PC. Digitally subscribe now to enjoy 35% savings off the Newsstand price.


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