Top Hair Magazines – Digital & iPad Hair Style Magazine Subscriptions

Drum Hair iPad Magazine and digital subscriptionBad hair days can really ruin your style and mood, but with our selection of Top Hair Magazines, you will never have a bad hair day ever again. Hair magazines are many women’s best friends, especially those who constantly fight against frizzy and untamed hair. The wonderful hair maintenance tips, along with the various hair styling products and tools can all tame the hair into the right shape and style you want, plus you get a lot of extras such as the make-up tutorials that makes you just smile and feel happy all day long.

If you are searching for the perfect magazine that provides home styled-hair that looks done by a professional, you will definitely get what you are looking for at Good to Great Hair. If you are great in following instructions, you will love this magazine. Authors Robert Vetica and Salma Hayek revealed loads and loads of professional techniques, along with detailed tutorials that you can do and master on your own so you will always come out of the house with beautiful hair.Drum Hair is specifically created for colored ladies because of their hair texture, but you can still find a lot of great hair styles and maintenance tips from its pages, so it is another hair magazine to look forward to every week.

Female is Malaysia’s top fashion and beauty source, and it provides articles that are witty yet well-written. It covers everything about women, from top to bottom, so you can find write ups about hair accessories, shampoos, most flattering cuts to suit your face shape, as well as clothes, bags, shoes and other girly items on its pages.

Beauty addicts around the world are as familiar with Cosmo Beauty Magazine as their own faces. This magazine carries beautifully shot photos not just of gorgeous hair, but of different brands of make up and tons of skin care tips. If you still want more, check out Girls’ Life and Seventeen Magazine. Both are not really hair magazines, but they still carry a substantial amount of articles about your hair, along with the latent trend for teens that you or your daughter may like.